💎 Unsere 10 Werte-Typen 💎


Your values show you what makes you tick at work – so you can find exactly the right job.

Performance, freedom or security – what’s important to you? Find out now!

Our values

Service 💪

Delivering top service with top results is the ultimate goal for people who tend to this value! The criteria are set by them: according to their own internal goals or according to external standards, e.g. company goals.


Goodwill 💚

This value indicates how interested and committed one is to the needs of people in the workplace. People who show a strong tendency toward this value highly value a harmonious and respectful work environment, as well as a high sense of belonging and community.

Self-determination 🧠

Being creative, developing independently and freely determining one’s own goals – that is the core of self-determined work. The background to this is a strong striving for autonomy, i.e. self-reliance.


Stimulation 🌀

People with a tendency towards this value like to leave their own comfort zone. They are open to change, appreciate variety and like demanding tasks and challenges.

Pleasure ✨

Party, play cards or a round of darts during the break? It doesn’t matter what the game is, the people who tend to value it want them to experience it at work too! Team events and joint activities are not to be missed.


Power 😎

People who have a strong inclination towards this value want to be seen as Expert:in in their field and be able to act independently on this basis. They think carefully about their own decisions.

Safety 🔒

Safety is one of the basic human needs and is probably an important value, especially in these times. People who tend towards this value are characterized by reliability, honesty and loyalty, and also expect this from their environment.


Universalism 🌈

Those who have the value of “universalism” of a high agreement, not only care about the welfare of society and the planet, but also actively work for it: for example, by making the world a little better through the job.

Tradition 🎏

Instead of always experiencing and trying out something new, the motto tends to be: never change a running system. Stability and security therefore also play a major role here.

Customization 📋

Rules are not always there to be broken. Those who score high on “alignment” are bothered when specifications, rules and standards are not followed.