Cultural-Fit Matching:
Finding truly suitable applicants with Recunited

Measurable. Individual. Easy to integrate.

Cultural Fit Test by Recunited. 🧩

Hire the employees who are the right fit for your team!

With our online tool, we make the cultural fit between applicant and team measurable. Simply integrate Recunited’s cultural fit test on your career page, website or applicant management system and find out how well your applicants fit into your team – even before the first meeting. So that you no longer have to rely on your gut feeling.

Add to your previous insights like …

  • Hardskills such as school degree, studies, training, work experience, tools, languages, etc.
  • Personal data such as name, place of residence, picture, age

… through data that really matters:

  • Personal values such as self-determination, goodness, success, sustainability
  • Work culture such as routine tasks, free design, teamwork.
  • Motivators such as intrinsically or extrinsically motivated

With Recunited you get really meaningful applicant profiles

Georgia, 32

Values: Freedom, Individuality, Fun

Motivation: Challenges, Variety, Autonomy

Way of working: needs flexibility & creative freedom

No Gos: Micromanagement, too many rules

George, 29

Values: Reliability, Discipline, Organization

Motivation: Safety, durability

Way of working: needs clear structures & rules

No Gos: constant change, risk

How companies benefit from Recunited

Measurable team fit: finding truly suitable candidates

Find out before the first interview what makes candidates tick, how they work and what motivators they need.

With Recunited, you make HR decisions based on reliable metrics and measurements that are based on our scientific, evidence-based Schwartz test.

Gaining valuable team insights

Recruiters and HR managers face the challenge of recruiting for teams that they do not know in detail. With the cultural fit test, you will know exactly what is important to the team at a glance – and at the same time see how closely these ideas match those of the applicants.

Employer branding for your company

Make your team culture visible: By including Recunited’s cultural fit test on your career page, you make it clear to applicants how much you care about team fit and set yourself apart from other employers. In the battle for the best talents, this is a decisive competitive advantage.

Lower turnover, stronger teams

For 27.7% of all employees, an unsuitable corporate culture has already been a reason for quitting.

With Recunited, you get better matches, attract staff that truly fit the team, and reduce turnover rates. You not only save costs, but also increase team satisfaction.

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Find out team values

With the help of the Cultural Fit Test, your team can easily determine its own values within 5 minutes. For example, how important is it to team members that goals are set and celebrated? How important are trust and autonomy to them? The first step is to analyze what makes your current team tick.

Find out applicant fit

All candidates who apply to you or with whom you actively make contact find out which values are important to them with the help of the Cultural Fit Test. The test takes only 5 minutes and all candidates receive their individual test result at the end.


Both results, from candidate:in as well as from the team, are then compared with each other. The matching score from 0 to 100 & shows you how well the candidate:in fits into your existing team. You can see at a glance whether Candidate:in A or Candidate:in B is a better cultural fit for the team.

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More value through a good cultural fit.

Successful teams represent similar values! Why the cultural fit is so crucial:

83 %
higher motivation
of your employees

70 %
less fluctuation

66 %
more insights about
your target group

65 %
higher engagement
of your employees

The Cultural Fit Test from Recunited

The values held by a company's employees are part of its corporate culture. Teams in companies are social systems that shape a specific culture. The cultural fit is the correspondence between these values and the behaviors of the employer and the applicant.

The Cultural Fit Test is based on current scientific studies published by researchers in the fields of corporate culture, work and values research. The Recunited test was developed and implemented by Daniela Postolache, a psychologist specializing in organizational psychology. For this purpose, Recunited researched scientific surveys and articles, checked their suitability and developed items that make the cultural fit of applicants and companies measurable.

The test measures the cultural fit between applicant:in and team in various categories, including team orientation, performance drive or self-determination. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the Cultural Fit Test!

Everyone in the team where the job is located takes the Cultural Fit Test. For this, the team members answer the 5-minute questionnaire. Interested parties come to the company's career website, also take the test and can then apply immediately. Both sides see the joint matching score and thus learn from the outset how well they fit together culturally.