The Culture Test from Recunited

Make your culture & values visible.

Certified corporate culture from Recunited. 🧩

What makes your culture special? And why exactly should candidates apply to you?

Recunited makes your culture measurable – and visible to others.

Our scientifically developed culture test measures the values in your teams and shows what is important to your employees.

With the certified Culture Seal from Recunited, you also make it clear to the outside world that your corporate culture is important to you – and thus attract the attention of even more applicants.

Get insights about teams in four areas


  • What role do recognition, influence and control play in your team?
  • How career-oriented are your employees?


  • How much is your team characterized by mutual support, understanding and helpfulness?


  • How innovative does your team think and act?
  • How important are self-determination, autonomy and variety?


  • How much value do team members place on stability?
  • How high is the need for order and structure?

Your advantages with the Culture Test from Recunited

Strong employer branding

Show what makes you unique! Embed the Culture seal on your career page, website and social media and show the outside world how important your corporate culture is to you. In the fight for the best talent, this is a decisive competitive advantage.

“Von 208.807 Befragten weigerten sich 50 Prozent für eine Firma zu arbeiten, dessen Werte nicht mit ihren Überzeugungen matchen.”

Gain valuable team insights

Every team ticks differently. Recunited provides you with reporting that presents the individual values of each team. Especially for department heads and HR managers, the reporting offers valuable data to successfully lead and develop teams.

Better matches in recruiting

If you want to find new, suitable team members, you first need to know your existing team. The Culture Test measures what only your gut feeling has told you so far.

This way you will get better matches in the future, gain personnel that really fit the team and reduce the turnover rate.

Stronger teams

Involve your employees directly in your HR strategy. Through the bottom-up process, all your employees have the opportunity to anonymously confirm the company culture in 5 minutes, which greatly strengthens employee satisfaction.

This is how it works: In 3 steps to the right talent


To begin with, your team conveniently determines its own values within 5 minutes. For example, how important are goals being set and celebrated to team members? How important are trust and independence to them? The culture test analyzes what makes the team tick.


You get a customized team evaluation that presents team scores in four categories: success, community, innovation and safety. The reporting lists motivators, preferred ways of working and no go’s of your team.


If at least 75% of your employees have passed the test, you will automatically be certified by us and receive our Culture Seal, which you can use on all channels for 12 months.

Additional module: Recruiting

If you are looking for additional employees, our optional recruiting module helps you to pre-qualify applicants and hire exactly the right employees.

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