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Are you looking for a job that fulfills you and makes you happy? Then Recunited’s Cultural Fit Test is just right for you. The result will help you to find out your personal values, wishes and ideas for your professional life. 🤩

The test takes only 5 minutes and leads you to your individual result in 16 short statements. 💪

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Based on scientifically extensively researched models of personal values, we have developed a test that makes visible which values you hold in the workplace.

On the other hand, we ask the team you will be working for if they give you the opportunity to be who you are, with your values, your motivation and your needs.

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Scientific studies confirm that we are more committed, more successful and happier on the job if we can live our values at work. In other words, first we need to know our individual values and become aware of what kind of work environment we need. Only then can we find and choose a job that aligns with those values. This is exactly what Recunited’s Cultural Fit Test helps you with, because you matter!

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Win a free, personal consultation with our values expert & psychologist Daniela. She will go into detail with you and explain what your values say about you and your job choice.

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❔ FAQs ❔

The values held by a company’s employees are part of its corporate culture. Teams in companies are social systems that shape a specific culture. The cultural fit is the correspondence between these values and the behaviors of the employer and the applicant.

The Cultural Fit Test is based on current scientific studies published by researchers in the fields of corporate culture, work and values research. The Recunited test was developed and implemented by Daniela Postolache, a psychologist specializing in organizational psychology. For this purpose, Recunited researched scientific surveys and articles, checked their suitability and developed items that make the cultural fit of applicants and companies measurable.

The test measures the cultural fit between applicant:in and team in various categories, including team orientation, performance drive or self-determination. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the Cultural Fit Test!