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For those who want more than just any job.

Find out what is important to you in your job with the help of our cultural fit test and find your perfect working environment!

Schluss mit Jobs, durch die man sich quΓ€len muss.
Make Mondays great again!

Do you know this: You go to your job every day, but you don’t really know why anymore? Maybe you even drag yourself to work? πŸ˜” You don’t have the feeling that YOU can be YOU at work? That’s how a lot of people feel, unfortunately…

The question is, why do we do this?

Why are we in a work environment that doesn’t fit us 100% and fulfill us? Why do we settle for something mediocre when we can do so much better? πŸ€” Because, pay attention: We no longer live in times when jobs are scarce and many applicants fight for one job. In the job market, you have the luxury of being able to choose not just any job, but the one that suits you best.

Time for Change!

If you …

  • finally want to work together with people who fit to you βœ”οΈ,
  • want to have a job that corresponds to your wishes and ideas βœ”οΈ,
  • and want to find a workplace where your personality is welcome βœ”οΈ,

then start your journey here and take our Cultural Fit Test (free and in 5 minutes) to find out what makes you tick in the workplace.

Recunited fΓΌr Young Professionals

Why should I take the Cultural Fit Test? 🧐

Studies show that cultural fit has a significant impact on employee satisfaction. In other words, the better your own values match those of the team, the more comfortable you feel. Our cultural fit test measures exactly this match.

If you’re wondering which values are measured and what exactly they stand for, feel free to check out our values page, where our expert Daniela defines them for you.

Deine Vorteile

Exciting insights about your personality: Get to know yourself better!

Find out what is important to you in your job and shape your future!

Get individualized job search tips tailored to you.

Use the results from the test for your personal development!

Stand out from the rest with your application and send along your score.

What our applicants say

“Dank Recunited habe ich schon vor der eigentlichen Bewerbung einen Eindruck vom potentiellen Team bekommen.”

Maximilian R., Sales Manager

“Vielen Dank Recunited! Dank euch habe ich endlich eine Firma gefunden, die zu meinen Werten passt!”

Susanne M., Marketing Managerin

“Der Test hat nur 5 Minuten gedauert und hat mir spannende Einblicke gegeben zu dem, was mir wirklich wichtig ist im Job.”

Franziska M, Key Account Managerin

What is the Cultural Fit Test?

At Recunited, we have a mission πŸš€: to connect employees with jobs that fulfill them and make them happy. That’s why we developed a scientific test that tells you your personal values for your professional life within 5 minutes. Whether freedom, sustainability or security – what is important to you and how?

The results will help you identify what kind of work environment you need to feel good and develop your full potential. Of course, the test is completely free of charge.