About us

We are putting the focus back on people.

The working world needs a change: an authentic and transparent encounter at eye level.

The (working) world is undergoing a change in values, the shortage of skilled workers is knocking on all doors, and the uncertainty of winter is probably making the search for and retention of employees the greatest challenge ever.

People no longer want to work somewhere, but have clear ideas and requirements for their new employer. People need to be able to be themselves in order to feel comfortable.

We are Recunited and show to the outside what makes companies tick on the inside: the people and their culture.

We help companies to show their individual team cultures externally and internally.

We connect companies, teams and applicants on the basis of their common values, ideas, wishes and personality.

Because: professional experience is important, but a CV alone does not reveal whether you feel comfortable in a team and at work.

With our cultural fit test, applicants and teams find out their individual values and see how well they would fit together before they apply. Afterwards, both sides can apply to each other to ultimately work together.

Our mission 🚀

No more struggling through jobs – make Mondays great again! We want to reshape the world of work and have created Job Matching 2.0, which puts people first. With our cultural fit test, we bring together employees and companies that are a perfect match.

One thing is clear: a better job choice leads to more satisfaction, motivation, output, fun – a better life for all of us! That’s exactly what we want to achieve with Recunited, and we’re thrilled that you’re joining us on our journey!

Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world.. – Mahatma Gandhi

Our values: What we stand for

Freedom & personal responsibility

We are all individuals – so why should we all work the same way? Freedom and personal responsibility are extremely important to us. We each know best how and where we can work best to achieve our goals.

Passion & Fun

We want to make a difference! We want to do something that makes sense and has real added value – for us and for people! To achieve this, we give everything every day, question the status quo and yet never forget to have fun during our adventure.

Individuality & Growth

We are not our job or just a skill – we are so much more! We want to have the space to be ourselves and bring in all aspects of our personality. In return, we motivate each other, learn from each other and meet each other at eye level.

Our partner network 🔗

As a subsidiary of allygatr GmbH, we are part of a strong network in the HR Tech sector and can draw on extensive expertise and experience in recruiting and business development.

In addition, we work with other partners who care as much about employee satisfaction in the working world as we do.

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