The cultural fit test

Are you more of a solo player or a team player? Do you prefer a secure job or are you willing to take risks? Do you value a good work-life balance or does your career come first?

How is the Cultural Fit Test structured?

Our cultural fit test consists of 10 categories, each containing two statements. From self-determination to openness to change to team orientation: The various categories in our cultural fit test provide you with a comprehensive picture of your job type – so that you can find your dream job!

How do I fill out the test?

Using a scale, you rate which statement you agree with and to what percentage. The result shows you which values are most important to you.

How does the matching work?

After the test, you will be shown jobs that match your interests and skills, but also personally match you and your ideas/values.

What’s special: The team where your job is located has taken the same test. The matching score tells you how well you fit with the respective team.

cultural fit test: example

I prefer to do things the traditional way
and use the methods I have learned

I prefer to do things the traditional way
and use the methods I have learned


I want to get ahead in the working world and have more success than the others.

I pay attention to the needs and emotional state
of my state of my colleagues at work.


I would like to have a secure and stable job.

I want to have stimulating work activities, even if they
involve unexpected organizational changes.


It happens that I do not express my
ideas for fear of being criticized.

I always develop new ideas and set myself
new challenging goals at work.