Create a design concept for our cultural fit test

📌 Let your creative side out and win great prizes! #RECREATERECUNITED

We are looking for YOU! No matter if you ...

  • are the creative mind behind every project
  • are interested in recruiting or online marketing
  • are actively applying for a job and want to change the market
  • simply have a desire for the prize money 😉

📝 The Cultural Fit Test by Recunited

Hi – we are Recunited! As the first value-based job platform, we want to make sure that your personality comes to the fore again in the job search. This is where our self-developed Cultural Fit Test comes into play – a kind of digital questionnaire that makes your personal values regarding your dream job measurable in a matching score.

This is where you come in: Help us redesign our Cultural Fit Test – your ideas are needed to make our test even better.

cultural fit test

The winners get …

💸 prize money

1st place: 300€
2nd place: 150€
3rd place: 50€

🌐 network

We connect you
with your
dream company!

✅ feature

Your concept
will be used
for our test.

This is how we determine the winners …

Our jury will, at their sole discretion, determine the best three design proposals from among all the designs submitted. The decision will be made based on various criteria including, but not limited to, design, creativity, usability and user experience, feasibility, and justification for implementation.

Your task

👋🏻 Hey Creator,

our cultural fit test is still a bit, well, let’s say monotonous …

This is where you come in – redesign it! Whether you add images, use a video or develop it as a gamification. You can also change the scale, there are no limits for you. The main thing is that in the end, the test is designed in such a way that you would have fun filling it out. Above you see an example for inspiration ⬆

Your design concept consists of two parts:

What does it look like in the end …

1. visualization
(min. one page)

Important: You don’t have to implement your idea – an exemplary visualization is enough for us (🔗 Like in the picture above)! For the graphic designers among you: Of course you are allowed to submit your full-fledged design!

Paint, Diagramms, Canva or Figma

Image &/ Video

2. concept paper
(min. one page)

Include the 🔗 statements of the test in your concept paper and explain in the text or in bullet points your thought processes behind the designs of the individual questions!

Word, Google Docs or Canva

Text (as PDF)

Here’s how you can join in!

  • You must be at least 18 years old and reside in Germany
  • You can participate alone or in a team
  • The design proposal must be your own, original work
  • All the above conditions must be met in order to receive a prize

🔗 All conditions of participation

The process of the Creativity Contests

1. Start


2. Research


3. Design


4. Upload


5. Win


Your design concept is ready? 


You have questions for us?

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